Who’s Your Mentor?

By church admin | January 26, 2022

What Do You Do, When You Don’t Know What To Do

By church admin | November 21, 2021

Don’t Be Discouraged

By church admin | November 21, 2021

How’s My Record?

By church admin | June 24, 2021

Keep From Falling!

By church admin | February 20, 2021

I Have Fallen, and I CAN Get Up Is it COLD, or what?  They say that you can get frostbite within 15 minutes in zero weather.  Not only that, but with all this snow and ice, I am sure glad I have a 4-wheel drive truck with great tires for good traction.  Then, (on top […]

Confidence In The Savior

By church admin | January 31, 2021

I am glad that the Lord has allowed me to live another year. It is my desire to try to accomplish much for the glory of God this new year. It is my determination to try and learn more of the scriptures that I can.  Boy, what a year it has been!  With Covid-19, and […]

The Sanctity Of Life

By wpengine | October 29, 2020

The Power Of One

By church admin | September 6, 2020